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HL7 is a messaging standard that helps clinical applications exchange healthcare information. This is a series of articles on this standard that I have been working on slowly, and my goal is to enable a beginner to understand the basics quickly when needing to be part of a healthcare-related technology initiative, especially when it comes to developing custom software applications involving HL7-related message exchange.

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Overview Tutorials on HL7 (and related topics)
HL7 Programming Tutorials using HAPI and Java
HL7 Programming Tutorials using NHAPI and .NET
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HL7 Development Tools and SDKs
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I want to make a disclaimer about these articles. I do not serve on the HL7 standards committee. Therefore, I must caution you to take the information provided here with a grain of salt, and ultimately refer to the standard itself and its latest recommendations before starting any project involving the standard. For more information about the standard, you can contact your regional affiliate, or visit its main site here.