This is a series of articles on the topic of blockchain that I am currrently working on. Crytocurrencies have received a lot of attention and also hype in the news lately. What these applications are based on is a much more exciting technology in my opinion that warrants even more attention from application developers as well as by the general public. In an era where trust in centrally managed systems is diminishing due to numerous scandals, accidents, cyber-attacks, etc, blockchain technology seems to offer some hope for those who are seeking transparency without having to compromising on privacy or security which may appear to be quite contradictory goals at a first glance. Howeer, this technology makes it possible it through an ingenious combination of cryptography and game theory. Blockchain at its core is really a distributed ledger of accounts composed of transactions that are easy to create if you have the right permissions but nearly impossible to alter once a transaction has been written into the ledger as this ledger is replicated to hundreds if not thousands of participants on the network. As a result, blockchain enables us to create an ultra-secure mechanism to record, certify, and transfer digital assets or any other transactional information without needing to rely on intermediaries all the time.

My goal in this article series is to explain the concepts as well as applications of the blockchain standard in the area of healthcare and finance aided by a series of code examples that are easy to follow for an absolute beginner. I plan on covering topics such as the fundamental mathematical principles (including cryptography and game theory), distributed communication protocols as well as networking concepts that anyone approaching this area should understand. We will build a mini-blockchain platform consisting of all its component parts from scratch so that you can understand the entire underpinnings of this technology and appreciate the many flavors of bigger blockhains on the market today and also those that are likely to emerge in the market in the near future. Blockchain is not a solution to every problem, and has its strengths and weaknesses like any other technology or platform. However, many people including me who have been in the industry for a long time are convinced that this a computing paradigm that is here to stay, and is much needed in an era where the rate of transactions between humans and machines is increasing at an exponential level.

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” – Walt Disney

Here are the articles in this series:

Blockchain Basics - Blockchain in Healthcare

★ Blockchain Basics - Blockchain in Finance

★ Blockchain Basics - Blockchain Applications in Other Areas

★ Blockchain Basics - Understanding the Math and Crytography behind Blockchain

★ Blockchain Basics - Authentication and Authorization on the Blockchain Platform

★ Blockchain Basics - Incentivisation Mechanisms on Blockchain Platforms

★ Blockchain Basics - Limitations of Blockchain and Threats

★ Blockchain Basics - Blockchain Application Development Platforms

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